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Batch chamber ovens

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Industrial batch chamber ovens


Large general purpose industrial batch ovens (LGP)

  • Carbolite’s LGP range of industrial batch ovens sets the standard for a wide range of industrial processing applications
  • The ovens provide excellent performance and reliability
  • Standard chamber capacities range from 500 – 14,000 litres, at temperatures up to 250°C, 425°C, 625°C and 700°C
  • A long working oven life is ensured by a ferritic stainless steel interior
  • The external construction is of mild steel section clad with zinc coated steel sheet
  • High thermal efficiency is achieved through the use of low thermal mass insulation
  • Air circulation is critical for efficient and uniform heating and horizontal air flow is achieved via heavy duty impellers at 1400rpm driven by three phase electric motors (vertical airflow is available on selected models if required)
  • A temperature uniformity of +5°C to within 100mm of the walls and roof and 150mm of the doors and floor is achieved
  • Most models are fitted with side hinged doors, either single or double, depending on the size of the oven
  • Vertically rising doors are fitted as standard on large volume 600°C ovens (over 1m3) and are optional on other models
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Large industrial air re-circulating oven

  • Two ovens for drying AC/DC motors and generators after steam cleaning
  • Chamber capacities of 31m³ and 132m³ allow the various components to be processed flexibly and economically
  • Drying is typically carried out at 100°C and may take up to six days
  • Curing generally lasts between 6 and 12 hours at 125°C - 145°C
  • Components are loaded into the ovens on steel bogies which run on tracks set in the factory floor
  • Heating is provided by mineral insulated elements on either side of the chamber, with heavy-duty fans providing an air flow through the chamber
  • Both ovens have exhaust systems, explosion relief panels, inert gas safety system & over-temperature protection
  • Units are program controlled and fitted with temperature recording facilities


Front loading industrial chamber oven

  • Two ovens supplied to one of the world’s leading companies specialising in the repair and modification of small and medium sized gas turbine aircraft engines
  • The ovens carry out a wide range of heating processes, including pre-weld heat-treatment, post-weld stress-relieving, curing adhesives, heating components for interference fits and burning off plastic coatings
  • For post-weld stress-relieving, components are typically heated for five to six hours at up to 490°C
  • The two ovens consist of a large LGP model with an inner chamber 1000mm (w) x 1000mm (h) x 1500mm (d) and a smaller HT model 600mm x 600mm x 600mm
  • Both ovens are capable of operating between 50 - 600°C
  • Both units have non-flaking stainless steel interiors and powerful horizontal airflow systems which ensure good temperature uniformity
  • Heating and cooling cycles are program controlled and recorded
  • Digital over-temperature protection is also included

Large industrial chamber oven for drying aircraft components

  • Chamber dimensions : 2.3m (h) x 4.3m (w) x 4.3m (d)
  • Base stucture capable of supporting up to 3 tons
  • Maximum working temperature 225°C
  • Maximum power rating 120kW from 415V-3phase 50Hz power supply
  • Temperature uniformity better than ±5°C with air circulation provided by 6 heavy duty fan impellers mounted on the oven side
  • Exhaust fans are fitted to remove moisture and fumes from the chamber
  • Controls are mounted on the oven side and include overtemperature protection and recording facilities
  • Chamber access is via an electrically operated vertical rising door
  • For ease of transportation, the oven can be split into two sections and assembled on site


Industrial roller track oven

  • Forced air circulation oven to dry and cure large 3-phase transformers
  • Internal dimensions : 2600 (h) x 1800(w) x 6000mm (long)
  • Temperature range : 50 - 150°C
  • Programmed controlled process temperature up to 140°C and down to 80°C including a 6 hour soak in a 10 hour cycle
  • Charge weight up to 16 tons
  • Power rating 224kW
  • Free running rollers are fitted to assist with loading/unloading the heavy components

Burn-in chamber

  • Multi-zoned environmental conditioning chamber
  • Steady state burn-in of telecommunication equipment
  • Board level to full system test capability
  • Trolley loading or rack options
  • Can interface with existing test fixtures and monitoring equipment
  • Temperature capability of 40-80°C


Paternoster Incubator

  • Used in the mass screening of drugs by a leading pharmaceutical company
  • Contains a rotating mechanism which indexes a series of horizontal trays
  • The front of the incubator contains a 'posting slot' to allow a robot to place the plates on the Paternoster support trays
  • Sealed chamber enables an enhanced atmosphere of carbon dioxide to be maintained
  • Normal working temperature 37°C (maximum operating temperature 50°C)
  • Temperature uniformity better than ± 1°C
  • Temperature stability better than ± 0.2°C
  • Air is circulated within the chamber by a top mounted fan and air guide system
  • Internal light allows inspection of the interior without disturbing the internal atmosphere

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Batch chamber ovens

Batch chamber ovens

Bogie hearth ovens

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Inert atmosphere ovens

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